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A lot of my photography in the last year has been due to the evening class I enrolled in at a local college. Prior to enrolling, it was sometimes difficult to thing of subjects to photograph when shooting without a brief. I find find having tasks to work to really helps and focuses my attention - it gets me thinking how to fulfil the brief and work to a task rather than simply shooting at random as I was before. Even when I'm photographing just for pleasure now, college has helped me think a lot more. Now, I tend to think what I'm trying to say or represent with each photograph rather than just pressing the shutter randomly.

The other great thing about the course is that it's given me darkroom experience. This has been invaluable for two reasons. Firstly, it's great fun: being in control of an image from the initial exposure right through to the final print is a wonderful experience. Nothing quite beats dipping the paper into the developer tray and watching your picture appear. Secondly, darkroom techniques help my digital techniques: most of the tools you'll find in the GIMP or Photoshop have their origins in the darkroom. Understanding the original darkroom method helps me use the digital tools better.

Of course, my darkroom technique is still somewhat primitive at the moment, but improving. Find in this gallery some of the more interesting results from my work at college so far.

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